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We have been specialized for over thirty years in natural and organic cosmetics, with particular attention to ultra delicate formulations even for very sensitive skin.


Brand for passion

Lepo was born in the 80s and hers is a story of bonds

The first a family bond: Lepo was founded by a particular woman, Marisa, who followed her instinct when by chance during a trip to Asia she found herself in front of natural formulations made with an ancient knowledge based on plants

Back in Italy, she who until then had played a classic role of mother and wife, at a time when women entrepreneurs were not considered as they are today, he decides to create something of his own involving her daughters Luisa and Laura and giving life to her idea to make natural cosmetics, which really give people well-being


We create Wellness through Beauty

Lepo was born like this, with also the desire to grow and learn: from herbalists and the most advanced laboratories everything that is known about plants, their cycle, their properties and how to use them. By forging a link above all with the research area, Lepo develops formulations that attract above all for their effectiveness, so much so that those who try Lepo remain faithful to it, because the product always does what it promises

Other links help Lepo to grow: the careful selection of suppliers and partners who share the same vision of natural and sustainable production and teamwork with universities and with the certification bodies of organic products to create safe and controlled products


Women in command for a concept of beauty that does not remain on the surface

Always respectful of Nature

Today Lepo is a modern and somewhat particular company on the Italian scene, because it is led by an all-female team

An example of entrepreneurship that does not aim at success or competition, but to live every day according to their values ​​by creating products that go beyond appearances, which want to make people feel good with others and with everything around them


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